suggahiccup said: top 5 deerhunter songs and WHY

this is the best question and also really hard but i think: 

1. wash off (1. the guitar line GETS IN YOUR BONES, 2. it is so visual, can’t you picture the parking lot of your high school… 3. the groove, 4. “I WAS SIXTEEN” - i don’t know, this makes me want to write a million stories about being young and feeling dangerous and invincible because that’s SO what it feels like. i wrote something about it here in which i say these things much prettier. this was the only really easy one for me to pick because i think wash off is my favorite song ever) 

2. lake somerset (when you boil it down, i wrote a novel because of this song because it’s also really visual for me… it’s my #1 life inspiration to make something this evil and i don’t think i really succeeded with dream even though it’s pretty evil so i guess i’m going to have to keep trying)

3. desire lines (because of the last half which is like the ideal music of my most beautiful dreams and also lockett’s singing is so perfect)

4. fluorescent grey (all live videos of it from 2007 [especially this one], also because “you were my god in high school” and then the moment when it just breaks)  

5. calvary scars II (it’s so peaceful and beautiful especially at the beginning though lyrically it’s so creepy. and that one chord is so distinctive to me and the way it builds up and gets faster… and everyone can relate to “crucified in front of all my closest friends” or at least i can in some ways) 

thanks for fueling my fangirlism bb :) 

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